Friday, Aug. 1, 2008


Where do they get off?

I have to applaud Shavana Abruzzo’s “A Britisher’s View” column on the “MTA not going your way” for focusing on the arrogance and indifference of the MTA board to the daily plight of New York City commuters (“MTA not going your way,” 6-26 issue). Comment.

Sticking with my Ford

Re: “Who needs manuals? Just give me the pictures,” “Not For Nuthin’” by Joanna P. DelBuono, 7-3 issue. Comment.

Greed turns to murder

Re: “Not for Nuthin” column by Joanna P. DelBuono. Comment.

Gauntlet is thrown

We, recently, witnessed the “official” closing of Victory Memorial Hospital when the state removed the facility’s operating certificate. Comment.

Big fan of Joanna

Re: “Not for Nuthin” column by Joanna P. DelBuono. Comment.

Take a train ride to nostalgia

The August 2 ‘Multi-Anniversary Tour of the IRT’ is the final in the New York Transit Museum’s Summer Nostalgia Train Excursions. Comment.

Shifting sands yield fantastic seaside creations

A bloodthirsty crocodile emerged from the beach in Coney Island, drawing a large crowd to the shore’s famous boardwalk. But it didn’t come alone. From the sandy scene also sprang a dinosaur, a race car and Jesus Christ. Comment.

Next best thing to the drive-in

Come to the park for Movies With a View 2008, featuring great films, plus Brooklyn Radio setting the scene each night with pre-movie mood music from some of New York City’s best DJs. Comment.

Fun at Tillie’s

July cultural events at Tillie’s include art, readings and music performances. Tillie’s is at 248 DeKalb Avenue; call 718-783-6140 or visit for more information. Comment.

Free-range raging at the Micro

Brooklyn’s Micro Museum presents, as a part of Big Ideas 2008-2010 National Visual Artists, Raging Against The…, on Saturdays, 12-7 p.m., July 26-September 20. An opening party is slated for July 26 from 8-11 p.m. Comment.

Dancing on the cutting edge

Human Landscape Dance will stage free performances of “Rituals of the First Year,” an innovative modern dance concert, in Prospect Park, July 27 from 12-2 p.m. Comment.

Birds of a feather flock together – join ‘em

When people refer to wildlife in New York City, most folks may conjure up images of New York’s striving nightlife culture or perhaps some of the colorful parades that gallivant up and down the streets of the five boroughs. Comment.

Big top fun and games

The circus is coming to town. Comment.

Provocative artistry makes the waterfront ‘Hot’

The art scene in Brooklyn will be officially hot this summer, twice, with double-barreled events sponsored by the city’s largest artist-run organization. The fifth annual Summer Show, “Hot!” of the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC) will open July 26 in its historic Civil War-era warehouse galleries in Brooklyn’s booming Red Hook section. Comment.

Five times the femininity comes to Ad Hoc Art

A fresh breeze of West Coast air courtesy of five female pop surrealist artists will be blowing through Ad Hoc Art on July 25, as the gallery will open its new show, “5 Identities 5 Destinations.” Comment.

Brick Theater Film Festival keeps the movies rolling

The Brick Theater Film Festival may be drawing to a close, but there are still several exciting productions to experience before the month is out. Comment.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


That all ya got?

The desperation that Shavana Abruzzo and people that share her mindset now feel is palpable. Comment.

Sins of the father

The only title worthy of Shavana Abruzzo recent column (Questions loom about Bam’s blood ties”) would have been “Guilt By Association On Steroids.” Comment.

Shocked & disgusted

Editor’s Note: The following letters are in response to “Questions loom about Bam’s blood ties,” by Shavana Abruzzo’s “A Britisher’s View,” 7-3 issue. Comment.

In Ford’s corner

Re: “Who needs manuals? Just give me the pictures,” “Not For Nuthin’” by Joanna P. DelBuono, 7-3 issue. Comment.

Beacon of liberty

“The United States of America” Comment.

NOT FOR NUTHIN’ - A series of unfortunate events

My grandmother always intoned, “Darker than midnight it can’t get.” Comment.

IT’S ONLY MY OPINION - Meet the Press struggles with void

Another great American loss — Tony Snow — Age 53. The following are quotes from some of the accolades heaped upon the committed conservative the day he passed away. Comment.

A BRITISHER’S VIEW - Why celebrate the murder of a little girl?

In bartering five Lebanese prisoners for two of her kidnapped soldiers who, unbeknownst to her, were dead on arrival, Israel has shown grace and humility under extreme provocation. She can be proud of that. Comment.
Bay News

SPEAK OUT - The sad saga of the Old Coney Island

If there was ever a ‘Night of Decision’ in Coney’s urban renewal, it came the night of the slaying of the Rev. Martin Luther King. Comment.


Bag grab Comment.

‘Not a shot in hell’ - Latest GOP candidate for 13th has little party backing

In the days to come, Republican Congressional candidate Robert Straniere will be hitting the streets of Brooklyn. Comment.

‘Army Wives’ take command - TV celebrities visit Walter Reed Army Medical Center

The cast of the Lifetime cable network drama “Army Wives” graced the red carpet at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC, to help kick off the July Fourth week and salute service-members’ often-forgotten spouses. Comment.

Warriors & statesmen

Brooklyn Native Col. Richard “Flip” Wilson, left, is pictured discussing the problems facing the Taji Qada, northwest of Baghdad, with a sheik from the area. He spends hours ensuring every possible means of support is given to the Iraqi leaders so they can take full control of the area. Wilson is the commander of 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment “Wolfhounds,” 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team “Warrior,” 25th Infantry Division, Multi-National Division – Baghdad. Comment.

Walk in and donate needed blood

Lutheran Medical Center’s blood donor room is encouraging community members to donate blood. Walk-ins are welcome; the blood donor room is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. through 2:30 p.m. Comment.

U.S. drills deep – for water

The wind blows hot and harsh across Forward Operating Base Sharana, pushing a wall of dust in front of it. Flags whip in protest to the treatment, and soldiers across the base squint behind their eye protection and pull caps down lower as dust devils spawn to brief, chaotic life around them. Comment.

Summer reading your local library - There’s page-turning adventure for kids and adults throughout the season

The summer may be coming to an end but the excitement has only just begun at Brooklyn Public Library. There are tons of activities, programs and events that the whole family can enjoy. All programs are free and open to the public. Comment.

Storage company given the boot

Hundreds of residents who rented space from a Carroll Gardens storage facility could be in danger of losing their most prized possessions, city officials said this week. Comment.

South Korean mission

This July, Debbie Zlotowitz, head of the Mary McDowell Center for Learning, will travel to South Korea as a participant in the Korean Studies Workshop for American Educators. Comment.

Same old, same old at polls - Upcoming races fail to offer up fresh faces

It doesn’t appear that this year’s big political shake-up in Albany is going to trickle down to its representatives in Kings County. Comment.

Rescued flag flies over kabul camp

More than 50 U.S. sailors rendered a salute as their nation’s colors were raised over Camp Eggers in Kabul Afghanistan, in honor of America’s Independence Day. What made the ceremony so special was the American flag had only 48 stars. Comment.

Reintegration for freed hostages

Years of preparation by US Army South, Brooke Army Medical Center, Northrop Grumman Corp. and family members finally came to fruition the night three American civilian contractors set foot in San Antonio. Comment.

Property sales on the decline in BK - New survey finds lower demand for residential units in southern part of borough

Reflecting a troubled economy, the sales of residential properties borough-wide dropped nearly 44 percent this quarter compared to the prior year’s quarter, according to a recently released study. Comment.

New center – now that’s Italian! FIAO gets funding to build 18th Avenue community center

Brooklyn’s Federation of Italian American Organizations (FIAO) can soon break ground on their planned community center thanks in large part to the recently passed 2009 fiscal year city budget. Comment.

National Night Out Against Crime returns

Residents from across the borough are about to mark the longest-running war in the nation’s history. Comment.

Move toward new historic nabe

The Landmarks Preservation Commission will “calendar” the Prospect Heights Historic District, the first step toward protecting one of Brooklyn’s finest — and most endangered — historic neighborhoods. Comment.

Miss Brooklyn wins once again - Dark-haired beauty to represent New York State in Miss America contest

While the newly crowned Miss New York, via Miss Brooklyn, may not actually be from the borough, she has planted some roots here and expressed gratitude for being allowed to represent Brooklyn. Comment.

Maternity hospital revamped - U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers refurbishes vital facility

With the delivery of two large truckloads of medical equipment, hundreds of mothers-to-be will benefit from the opening of a refurbished maternity hospital in western Baghdad’s Karkh district. Comment.

Lightening the load

City employees called to serve in Afghanistan or Iraq will now receive a little more financial security thanks to a recently signed state law. Comment.

Learn to dance with Alvin Ailey

In celebration of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s (AAADT’s) 50th anniversary and its mission of making dance accessible to everyone, Ailey will present a special series of free performances and dance classes in Brooklyn, August 7. Comment.

Free Farmhouse Thursdays

Bring a blanket, pack a picnic dinner, and have some fun during the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum’s free Thursday evening events, now to August 28 from 5-7 p.m. There will be lots of hot colonial cooking and games, so relax while gardening and re-discover the oldest structure in New York City. Comment.

Festive bazaar showcases Arab-american culture

The sumptuous flavors of a rich heritage – complete with a whirling dervish, pulsating music and henna tattoos – drew curious visitors like bees to a honey pot to Shore Road Park where the sprawling green played host to the annual Arab-American Bazaar. Comment.

DOE to hold hearings on $63M bundle

Parents: you can tell the city Department of Education (DOE) how to spend $63 million. Comment.

Councilman hot over Con Ed power outage - Local official reacts after recent shortage

A Bay Ridge councilman wants to know just what Con Edison is doing with all the money the new “excessive” rate increases are providing them with. Comment.

Brooklyn hunger pangs by the numbers - Latest statistics on the demand put on borough food pantries

Shirley Fineman, executive director for the Bensonhurst Council of Jewish Organizations, doesn’t need to look far to know that Brooklyn residents’ bottom line is getting thinner. Comment.

Break-in suspect nabbed

Cops in riot gear converged on 13th and Ovington avenues last week in a high-stakes search for a former Dyker Heights resident responsible for a terrifying night time break-in. Comment.

BK Museum on the go

Brooklyn Children’s Museum On-The-Go takes a walk on the wild side in August. Comment.

BK man aids ‘Blood Diamond’ casualties

A Coney Island immigrant is on a one-man crusade to help young amputees crippled from the “Blood Diamond” Civil War in Sierra Leone, Africa. Comment.

Baghdad to airport link opened

Leaders from Multinational Division Baghdad, the Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi government broke ground on July 5 for a project to revitalize the road from Baghdad International Airport to the heart of the Iraqi capital. Comment.

Anti-graffiti fleet in action

On a sultry July day, passersby sauntering in the vicinity of Third Avenue and 76th Street might have noticed something a bit unusual — a fleet of slightly humpback trucks, each emblazoned with the Graffiti Free NYC logo — parked curbside, as a group of workers, clad in orange, milled about. Comment.

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