Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brooklyn Courier

Bodega bash

77th Precinct Comment.
Bay News

An ugly loss for the Cyclones

Cyclones 4 Comment.

Wakey!Wakey! goes through the Algorhythm

The music of Wakey!Wakey! music can be heard from Mercury Lounge to a CW television show, with raves from Spin to USA Today — which says a lot about the band’s widespread appeal. Mike Grubbs fronts the operation both on keys and vocals, both of which tend toward the theatrical. But to get a true sense of what the band’s all about, we leave that up to the math of our exclusive Algorhythm. Comment.

Our exclusive Mus-o-meter registers Wakey!Wakey!

The music of Wakey!Wakey! music can be heard from Mercury Lounge to a CW television show, with raves from Spin to USA Today — which says a lot about the band’s widespread appeal. Mike Grubbs fronts the operation both on keys and vocals, both of which tend toward the theatrical. But to get a true sense of what the band’s all about, we leave that up to the math of our exclusive Mus-o-meter. Comment.

Shakespeare — stripped down!

Summer has always been a ripe time for productions of Shakespeare’s wildly popular “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” often as a light breeze suitable for children. Comment.
Brooklyn Heights

Call it ‘Fulton Mess’ as city begins major repairs

No, those aren’t toddlers being shepherded through the intersection of Fulton and Jay Streets with a rope; they’re adults on the Fulton Mall, where traffic got even worse last week as part of an ongoing city repair project. Comment.
Bay News

Weather or not, it was a great party

I coined the term “WeatherISTS” (weather terrorists) because it describes the terror you are bombarded with from meteorologists every single time you plan a function, event, trip, wedding, outing or block party. Comment.

Stan gets bold — faced names

Heat! Sweltering, miserable, roasting, 110 degrees in Yankee Stadium, painful heat. While I am irritated and annoyed, let me tell about other things that bug me. Comment.

This slick burlesque show will benefit Gulf oil victims

The Gulf Coast is a mess thanks to BP, but at least there’s a cool show to raise money for the clean-up. Comment.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Another dead cyclist — and cops hunt hit-and-run truck driver

A truck driver for a New Jersey-based waste collector who recklessly killed a 24-year-old cyclist in a hit-and-run accident last week remains on the loose. Comment.
Bay News

A win with a ‘Cherry’ on top

Cyclones 8 Comment.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bay News

This Cyclone win was a laugher

Cyclones 8 Comment.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Powell gets free shots at debate no-show Towns

It looks like this re-energized bunny has already run out of juice. Comment.

What anti-incumbent mood? Many many lawmakers are running unopposed

So much for that “anti-incumbent” mood! Comment.

B-b-b-b-b-bad! George Thorogood’s movin’ on over on July 29

This show is guaranteed to be b-b-b-b-b-bad. Comment.

Hear this ‘Swell’ act at the band shell on July 30

The unlikely pairing of Irish rocker Glen Hansard and Czech pianist Markéta Irglová has been charming listeners since the understated 2007 musical “Once” introduced the world to their heart-felt folk rock, even earning them an Oscar for “Falling Slowly.” Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

The Fourth Avenue flood! Heavy rain brings not-quite-Biblical damage

Fourth Avenue and Carroll Street was inundated Tuesday afternoon with filthy water rising as high as car tires — once again infuriating locals in the flood-prone area. Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

New bid to save Minerva-Statue of Liberty view plane

Green-Wood Cemetery’s Roman Goddess of War is about to clash with her toughest foe to date: city bureaucracy. Comment.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bay News

With the Clones, the hits just keep on coming

Scrappers 4 Comment.
Bay News

Cyclones beat the Scrappers

Scrappers 4 Comment.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


State records show Radiac has been fined three times

A radioactive waste processing company that the state legislature is moving to shutter has received three violations for not following safety protocols over the past 10 years, state environmental officials revealed. Comment.

Come up and see this Mae West-inspired cafe sometime

Go West, artsy Brooklynites! Comment.
Bay News

Cyclones win big in Lowell

Cyclones 12 Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

Lookin’ good!

Gowanus, get ready for your close-up. Comment.

Still Brooklyn’s Iron Man — but is age catching up to senior Achilles?

The fastest senior citizen in the borough is fresh off two more gold medal victories, but there’s one unstoppable force that he can’t beat: aging. Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

Stealing water from a baby!

76th Precinct Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

Barista claims that Ozzie’s owners are java fiends

A barista fired from the popular Seventh Avenue coffee bar Ozzie’s is claiming home-brewed harassment! Comment.

Watts the deal?

Five days after the summer’s first heat wave came to a merciful end, parts of southern Brooklyn were still being scorched by Con Ed. Comment.

Shake it to this Polaroid exhibition

The retro appeal of the Polaroid hasn’t died, even in the age of the ultimate in instant photography — the digital camera. Comment.

What’s on tap? Opera

Opera on Tap is known for taking opera out of stuffy opera houses and bringing it where it belongs (in bars) — and now the group is going outdoors. Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

A man, a van, a plan — horror at Slope Barnes and Noble

A literature lover went rogue on Thursday, swiping tomes from the Barnes & Noble in Park Slope before struggling with a cop, breaking free and stealing and crashing a van. Comment.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bay News

Breaking and entering - and sleeping!

Synagogue looted Comment.

Fun, fun, fun with the Beach Boys

Saturday Comment.

The Tish card! Cohn mocks rival over endorsement by lawsuit-filing pol

Williamsburg’s feisty District Leader candidates aren’t just launching attacks at each other — now they’re going after surrogates! Comment.
Mill–Marine Courier

Crime on the rise

A string of burglaries in the Mill Basin and Marine Park area has merchants buying new security systems and residents fearing for the safety of their homes. Comment.
Mill–Marine Courier

Role playing

Fiendish find Comment.
Kings Courier

Fiendish find

Fiendish find Comment.

Bullets over Breukelen

Bullets over Breukelen Comment.

Senior scammer

68th Precinct Comment.
Bay News

A Shore problem

The death of a 52-year-old Batchelder Street man killed while exiting his car on Shore Boulevard in Manhattan Beach on Monday night has sparked new calls for safer streets. Comment.

Bloomy to Marty: Keep those concerts down!

On the eve of the first summer concert in Asser Levy Park, Mayor Bloomberg warned Borough President Markowitz that if the music gets too loud, Thursday night’s concert would be the last. Comment.

In Hinds sight

The second time was the charm for Terry Hinds, who was elected chairman of Community Board 17 in East Flatbush during a run-off election on June 30. Comment.

A big green mess along the Paerdegat Basin?

The last phases of a massive environmental restoration project are underway along Paerdegat Basin — but the final stages of the state-mandated work are also proving to be the most controversial. Comments (1).

Cops padlock ‘violent’ Dyker nightclub

A controversial Dyker Heights night club has been padlocked by police. Comment.

Taxicab confession! Coney beauty killer is driving himself to jail

An unhinged Coney Island cabbie who often offered free rides to pretty neighborhood girls was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison on July 8 for killing and hacking up one of the beauties. Comment.
Bay News

The ‘Sixth’ Sense! State to widen bad Gowanus off-ramp

The dangerous exit ramp from the Gowanus Expressway at Sixth Avenue will be widened from one lane to two under a plan to make traffic move more safely and more freely. Comment.

Rebel hell! Southerners defeat Bklyn kickballers in all-star game

Let the record show that on Sunday night, the South rose again — in kickball. Comment.

And in this week’s league action

In a colossal rematch of the Brooklyn Kickball League’s top two teams, second-ranked Brooklyn United asserted its authority over top-ranked Never Scared, defeating the purple players, 6-1. Comment.

Harsh words for the ‘evil doers’

Let me get this straight, they can hang a 7-year-old boy for allegedly spying and stone a woman to death for allegedly cheating on her husband, but an artist can’t launch an “Everybody Draw Muhammed Day” campaign because it is debased and blasphemous? Comment.

Bike lanes give everyone a brake

About time. Comment.

Busy summer ahead for Lincoln’s Williams

The summer is a time to relax. Go to the beach, barbecue, or take a vacation. Comment.

Stars and Stripes for Xaverian’s Soto

Elvin Soto’s meteoric rise continues. Comment.

LIU hopes winning formula starts with locals

George Washington southpaw Nestor Bautista and John Adams right-hander Rafael Guerrero. FDR catcher Melvin Rios, Bishop Ford catcher Mike Molbury, and Telecommunications outfielder Stan Simmons. Comment.

CB15 will give auto shop owner gas pains over filling station proposal

A local auto reprair shop is making Theresa Scavo’s Spidey sense tingle! Comment.

Mud-slinging on Montague! Protesters say Ricky’s backs Israel’s ‘illegal’ occupation

The centuries-old Middle East conflict turned into a bizarre form of mud-slinging on quiet Montague Street on Friday when protesters demanded that the Ricky’s cosmetics shop stop selling a dirt-based cosmetic that, apparently, is helping Israel’s “illegal” occupation of the West Bank. Comment.
Bay News

Disband the embarrassingly inefficient MTA and restore our service

One of the first complaints I heard at State Sen. Marty Golden’s (R–Bay Ridge) town hall meeting at St. Finbar’s was from a very upset senior, a lady devastated and now totally lost without transportation since the loss of the B64 bus that she depended upon. Comment.
Bay News

Win streak ends with bad loss in Lowell

Cyclones 2 Comment.
Bay News

An ‘Angel’ returns from the 2001 champs

Angel Pagan, the Mets speedy centerfielder, visited MCU Park last week for ceremonial purposes — but his presence reminded longtime fans that this Cyclones team could accomplish the same great things that Pagan’s inaugural Cyclones team achieved. Comment.

Stan profiles his latest cruise

One day last week, on the way to the airport, we made a quick stop at the bank to cash a check. It was not only necessary to produce my ID, I had to provide a thumbprint as well. Later at the terminal, it was necessary for us to hand the man our driver’s licenses as we checked our luggage. Before being allowed to move through the security line, a woman in uniform asked for them again. After landing, my ID was requested once more at the Avis counter. Carol commented that we had to produce our government-generated photo IDs four times in one day and the day was only half over. Comment.

Water slide park sunk! Red tape gets in the way of cool Brooklyn fun

In the midst of a record-smashing heatwave, an all-too-familiar villain is keeping sweating Brooklynites from a new water park at Coney Island — bureaucratic red tape. Comment.

Hear this ‘Siren’ song on Saturday

All music compasses point south this weekend. Comment.

Benefit concert booted from Asser Levy band shell — citing same law Marty flouts!

A concert promoter who hosted an autism benefit last Friday was barred at the last minute from rocking the same band shell in Asser Levy Park where Borough President Markowitz holds his annual summer concert series — and the city cited the same anti-noise code that Markowitz has apparently flouted for decades. Comment.

Youth will be served — literally! — at AYSO this fall

When you’re 14, it isn’t easy getting slide-tackled by a 19-year-old striker with 40 more pounds of brawn. Comment.

‘Tramp’ gets the classy treatment at Celebrate Brooklyn

Charlie Chaplin was the The Tramp, but there’s nothing low-class about the upcoming multi-media tribute to the silent film legend. Comment.

Board backs housing on former Culver Shuttle land

The city is moving ahead with a plan to create affordable housing on a strip of land that was once an elevated train line. Comment.

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