Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2010

The Brooklyn Museum’s new ‘late’ show

The Brooklyn Museum will expand its hours well into the evening in an effort to lure new visitors, the venerable institution quietly announced last week. Comment.
Bay News

Thieves rub parlor workers the wrong way

62nd Precinct Comment.

Roofus: Marty’s his own ball and chain

Our cartoonist takes a second bite out of Marty’s chain gang. Comment.

Partying like it’s 1910

It was mallets aforethought at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, as guests garbed in the styles of a century ago gathered to celebrate the oasis’ centennial. Comment.

It could be home cooking for Automotive HS

Touchdown Greenpoint — but there’s a flag on the field! Comment.
Brooklyn Heights

Light in August! DUMBO gets its first traffic signal

Aw, DUMBO — our little neighborhood has finally grown up. Comment.
Brooklyn Heights

Brutal mug on Nassau

84th Precinct Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

Two iPhone muggings

76th Precinct Comment.
Brooklyn Heights

Pipe dream! State is considering long tunnel to bypass BQE

Dig they might! Comment.

It’s a hotel, a condo, a swim club, a restaurant! Graves sets sights on N. 12th St.

In a neighborhood saturated with luxury condominiums but seriously lacking in hotel accommodations finally one company has come along to meet that need — with a little Midwestern charm thrown into the mix. Comment.

Diamond still rails for Brooklyn trolley route

A Flatbush man is taking another shot at realizing his vision of a Brooklyn teeming with trolleys once again. Comment.

City jail to Marty: Get your own workers!

The city has cut the cord on Marty’s chain gang. Comment.

Walks of art! Check out Bklyn’s best public art this summer

Brooklyn’s art scene doesn’t leave much to desired, thanks to dozens of galleries that stretch from Greenpoint to Bay Ridge. But why stay cooped up indoors when summer beckons you out into the sun (especially now that it’s a bit cooler) and there’s a mess of new public art all over the place? Comment.

Debate week continues! Now, Parker refuses to slug it out with <i><b>us</b></i>!

It’s official — state Sen. Kevin Parker blows us off! Comment.

Debate week round two! Millman vs. Biviano!

Assembly candidate Doug Biviano blasted away at incumbent Joan Millman in a debate last week, hammering her for taking her pension even as she works as a lawmaker, lambasting her for backing transit cuts, and for flip-flopping on housing inside Brooklyn Bridge Park — but the harshest word he had for Millman was that she’s “nice.” Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

Headlock hooligans

77th Precinct Comment.

Serial rapist gets 160 years in the clink

160 years for serial rapist Comment.

Here’s a list of all the ghost bike memorials in Brooklyn

There are currently 27 “ghost bike” memorials in Brooklyn, 16 in our coverage area. Here are the victims and the locations. Comment.

Debate week continues! Towns says no to debating Powell

If you’re hoping to hear Rep. Ed Towns discuss the issues affecting your community this primary season, keep hoping. Comment.

Pool party saved! JellyNYC and Open Space Alliance reach deal to save Aug. 29 show

The briefly canceled Pool Party is back on. Comment.

Cops: We’ve collared one of two men in Driggs shooting

Police arrested a suspect on Friday night in the shooting of a Williamsburg rabbi’s son that has rocked the neighborhood’s Hasidic community for two weeks. Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

Saving lives is just part of his broad appeal

Lifeguard Luis Lecodet is not only this week’s “Hottie of the Double-D”— he’s also our first ever “Angel of the Double-D!” Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

‘Lots’ of problems on one Carroll Gardens block

Homeowners have turned their Carroll Gardens block into a “trailer park” by illegally using their front yards as parking spaces — and the city says it will finally crackdown on the brazen practice. Comment.

Cycling memorials have a ‘ghost’ of a chance from the city

The city wants to dispose of abandoned and neglected bikes for good, but an innocent victim is likely to be caught up in the sweep: “ghost bikes,” the white memorial two-wheelers affixed to intersections where cyclists are killed. Comment.

Brooklyn Bridge Park bike path to open next week

The once-industrial waterfront between Old Fulton Street in DUMBO and Atlantic Avenue has finally been transformed into a long-awaited bike and pedestrian path in Brooklyn Bridge Park, offering all-new waterfront views and, more importantly, a buffer between cyclists and their motorized nemeses. Comment.

Diamond in the rough! Tunnel legend needs city help to dig for history

Mrs. Transportation Commissioner, tear down this wall! Comment.

Big homeless shelter planned for Greenpoint

The New York-based nonprofit HELP USA, one of the country’s largest builders and operators of transitional and permanent low-income housing, is moving towards building one of the largest shelters in North Brooklyn in a four-story industrial building on McGuiness Boulevard at Clay Street. Comment.

Last pool party? Unlikely

The final Pool Party on Sunday marked the end of an era of dance parties and free summer music in Williamsburg — but nobody’s really worried that a new era won’t start up without a pause. Comment.

Lobsterman’s fans boiling mad at city

Devoted lobster roll lovers have a message for the Health Department: Free Dr. Claw! Comment.

Total recall! Williamsburg cheese factory pulls back tainted grub

A Williamsburg cheese manufacturer voluntarily recalled two of its products this week after state workers in Rhode Island found bacteria that could have led to a health disaster. Comment.

Art attacked! Vandals hit sculpture about human kindness!

Some jerk broke Greenpoint’s heart on Thursday — that is, the expensive glass heart piece in McGolrick Park. Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

Another bike lane spat! City will block off ‘loading zones’ on Prospect Park West

The city is still fine-tuning its Prospect Park West bike lane — this time installing granite blocks so that drivers won’t use no-parking zones along the 20-block strip as de facto loading zones. Comment.

Vox Popped! Outlaw coffeeshop closed down by taxman — again!

The doors are shuttered, but there may still be hope for Brooklyn’s scrappiest café. Comment.

That’s my money! Millman backtracks from pension pledge

Assemblywoman Joan Millman has backed off a pledge to stop taking her public school teacher’s pension — and instead slammed her challenger for linking her to so-called “double-dipping” lawmakers who draw their state legislative pensions even as they work at the state house. Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

She’s hot on the city’s best public pool

It might have been her first time at the Douglass-Degraw Pool, but it certainly won’t be Stephanie Frangipane’s last dip. Comment.

High on tobacco! Warehouse could become performance venue

The historic Tobacco Warehouse is about to become a major public amenity for visitors at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comment.
Brooklyn Heights

This guy was no charity case

84th Precinct Comment.
Bay News

The Legacy of Zorro all at 75th birthday bash

Gus, one of the owners, came over and said, “Wow what a turn-out, I didn’t realize you knew so many people.” I replied, “If you had given me a better price I could have filled the room.” Comment.

If Life Gives You Carbon Dioxide, Learn to Make Seltzer

Someday, the above-average children of Lake Wobegon will grow up and create millions of well paying green jobs producing cheap, clean and renewable energy. The climate will always be not too warm and not too cold, i.e. 'just right.' A light jacket will be perfect for the evenings and it will never rain if you forgot your umbrella. Comment.

Outbreak: Two transit workers have TB!

Two transit workers in Greenpoint have contracted tuberculosis in an outbreak that city health officials are working feverishly to contain. Comment.
Mill–Marine Courier

Bike swiped

Synagogue steal Comment.

Parolee arrested for killing Yosef Robinson

A vicious repeat offender with a warrant out for his arrest, who had been released from jail despite a parole board’s claims that his crimes “showed a propensity for extreme violence,” has been arrested for the slaying of a Midwood liquor store clerk who many called an inspiration to the neighborhood. Comment.
Kings Courier

Thief makes way into synagogue

Synagogue steal Comment.

Flatbush Ave. blaze claims six stores

A neighborhood staple has vowed to rebuild following a devastating two alarm blaze that ripped through Mac’s Mens Shop & Uniforms and a handful of other businesses on Flatbush Avenue this weekend. Comment.

Cops out in force at Utica and D

Enforcement is way up at the intersection of Utica Avenue and Avenue D, and merchants are breathing a sigh of relief that the city is finally doing something about the deadly corner. Comment.

St. Lucian soccer star murdered

Soccer player killed Comment.
Brooklyn Courier

iCrimes and misdemeanors

76th Precinct Comment.

‘Angels’ Canarsie bound

Hold tight Canarsie! The red berets are right around the corner. Comment.

City to study Canarsie bike lanes

The city may be putting the brakes on its plans to bring bicycle lanes to car-crazy Southern Brooklyn. Comments (1).

Link crime to mortgage

Blame the banks! Comment.

Pat down leads to prison cell

Remsen heist solved Comment.

We’ll always have Paris — for now

It’s good to be an heiress. Paris Hilton, for the third time this year, has been busted on drug charges, and for the third time this year is claiming innocence. Two for marijuana and one for cocaine. The coke was in a purse that she borrowed from a friend and she thought it was gum, or so says the report. Come on, can she really think we are that gullible? Comment.

Ridgites get to test new voting machines

Bay Ridgites will have a chance to test out New York’s new computerized voting machines a week before they have to use them for real on Primary Day during a demonstration of the new technology at Community Board 10’s office. Comment.

Time to rename the ‘Dust Bowl’

The dust has settled in a contest to rename a once-gritty section of a popular Bay Ridge park, as officials this week announced the three finalists vying for the chance to immortalize the rehabilitated ball fields popularly — and officially — known as the Dust Bowl. Comment.

Possible hate crime on 80th Street

68th Precinct Comment.
Bay News

Vaughn-tastic! Cory poised to break all Cyclone power records

Cory Vaughn has solidified his legacy as one of the greatest Cyclones ever. Comment.
Bay News

Long may he wave! Walk-off dinger for Flagg

Lake Monsters 4 Comment.
Bay News

Big win in Connecticut

Cyclones 6 Comment.
Bay News

Cyclones lose — but the playoffs await

Cyclones 3 Comment.
Bay News

Cyclones sweep Aberdeen

Ironbirds 0 Comment.
Bay News


Ironbirds 3 Comment.
Bay News

Cyclones crush the Ironbirds

Ironbirds 4 Comment.
Bay News

It took 10 days, but the Cyclones win!

Cyclones 8 Comment.
Bay News

A huge 10-0 win on the road

Wally Backman won a World Series with the New York Mets in 1986, but the most-coveted possession in all of sports — a New York–Penn League championship ring — has now moved one step closer to his finger as the Brooklyn Cyclones clinched the McNamara Division title in fine fashion last Saturday night. Comment.
Bay News

L’shana Tovar! New shortstop Wilfredo may lead Clones to title

The Cyclones’ dreams of postseason glory depend largely on their new shortstop Wilfredo Tovar, a 19-year-old Venezuelan with preternatural fielding skills — and a whole lot to learn at the plate. Comment.
Bay News

On eve of playoffs, is Brooklyn United losing it?

“Rematch weekend” lived up to its billing as two of the longest winning streaks in the Brooklyn Kickball League came to a sudden and dramatic end. Comment.

Yiasou restaurant welcomes diners with fresh seafood, sumptuous steaks and chops

To walk into Yiasou is to be transported thousands of miles from Sheepshead Bay to the shores of the Aegean Sea. Comment.

A guacamole with some kick!

Even the best guacamole is a bland, one-dimensional paste. Comment.

In his element: Alan Harding leads dinner at Carroll Gardens spa

Here’s a new approach to health and well-being: a fabulous meal. Comment.

‘Fare’ game! Downtown supermarket becomes Bklyn’s hottest restaurant

It’s like a private Food Network taping — with a tiny group of friends. Comment.

Something is brewing — homebrewing, that is — at Sycamore this Saturday

Justin Israelson and Gary Jonas aren’t so great at homebrewing. Comment.

Labor Day Extravaganza Part 1: Go to a pig roast on Saturday

Here’s your last chance to pig out before summer’s over. Comment.

Labor Day Fun, Part 3: Meet the love of your life

It may be too late for that summer romance, but it’s never too late to find love. Comment.

Summer goes out with a bang at the BBQ Blowout

All summer long, the party promoters at Finger on the Pulse have been pairing the city’s hottest chefs with celebrity DJs at the Williamsburg restaurant for some first-rate grub and music to help you dance it off. Comment.

The Mus-o-Meter

Take the quick storytelling and finger-snapping groove of Tom Waits’ “The Heart of Saturday Night.” Then add … Comment.

Lipton tease! Ethan’s new songs will make you laugh

Ethan Lipton can’t play anything worth a damn. Comment.

The Algorhythm

Take the quick storytelling and finger-snapping groove of Tom Waits’ “The Heart of Saturday Night.” Then add … Comment.

Bedbugs continue their assault on our criminal justice system

Bedbugs have opened up a second front in what appears to be the pesky mites’ war on criminal justice offices in Downtown, showing up this week at the Legal Aid Society on Livingston Street. Comment.

Friendly ‘ghost’! Bike memorials now appear safe from city trashing

Those all-white memorial bikes scattered across the borough may have a new lease on life, after talks between “ghost bike” supporters and the city appear to have led to a compromise that would spare the memorials from new rules designed to rid the streets of “derelict” two-wheelers. Comment.

I taught I taw a parrot-poacher

A pair of parrot poachers are poaching parrots. Comment.

Planks? No thanks! Group hates concrete Boardwalk

A new community group is fighting the Riegelmann Boardwalk’s transformation into a cementwalk — saying the city’s plan to get rid of wood will create an eyesore and leave joggers with wobbly knees. Comment.

This Slope man wheels and deals

Lenny Shiller is still having fun, fun, fun — and he doesn’t even have a T-Bird. Comment.

New group opposes Coney Island’s concrete planks

A new community group is fighting the Riegelmann Boardwalk’s transformation into a cementwalk — saying the city’s plan to get rid of wood will create an eyesore and leave joggers with wobbly knees. Comment.
Bay News

Blood-thirsty man stabs other man over parking spot

Brighton road rage Comment.
Bay News

‘Don’t hurt my baby!’

62nd Precinct Comment.

Weed it and weap: High-minded Senate wannabe says country should go to pot!

Talk about a grass-roots campaign! Comment.

It’s legal and it’s my money

The following is an edited transcript from a debate between Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs and her challenger Michele Adolphe in our offices on Aug. 19. Jacobs has been the Assembly for more than 30 years, where her annual salary is $104,500. She also receives a pension for her work as a lawmaker of $71,000 per year. Here’s what she said when our panel, and Adolphe, pressed her on this unusual arrangement. Comment.

Is it ‘double dipping’ for lawmakers to take their pension?

During election debates in our Downtown offices last week, two challengers attacked two Assembly incumbents for taking their pensions while still in office. Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs actually receives a pension for the job she currently holds, while Assemblywoman Joan Millman receives her pension from her days as a public school teacher. Is that kosher? Read below. Comment.

Double dipping is wrong

The reason that elected officials should not be allowed to double dip (or collect two government paychecks at the same time) is simple: They make the laws that govern the state’s pension system. It is a conflict of interest in its most basic form and begs the question: What is to prevent them from passing laws and making rules that benefit themselves? Comment.

A-Rod, the Heat, and a bunch of other stuff


A salute to the working stiffs

September 6 is Labor Day, and a time to honor those “who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold.” Comment.

Giving ‘The Terminator’ a Raspberry on Aug. 31

This month, “The Terminator” will be up against a terrifying new kind of opponent, the likes of which Ahhnold has never seen: the Raspberry Brothers. Comment.

Speed racers: Explosive Xaverian has high expectations

Xaverian is daring to dream big. Coach Joe DeSiena recently asked his team what their goal for the season was and the answer was unanimous and unwavering. Comment.

Tech not getting too high on 2009 achievements

Kyle McKenna has already made one thing known to his players: Last year’s success will not necessarily carry over. Comment.

Experienced Midwood counting on depth, QB Clarke

Steve Basile was asked to name his stars, the players that might strike fear into the rest of the city. The Midwood football coach paused. Comment.

Small but skilled Madison hopes to build for the future

The James Madison football team will be virtually unrecognizable from the one that went 2-16 the last two seasons. Comment.

Vital piece: Quarterback ‘the key’ for loaded Lincoln

378-pound offensive tackle/guard Rotchill Medor, is either new or inexperienced. Wayne Williams, who is receiving interest from Penn State and Syracuse, is playing two ways for the first time this fall. Comment.

Coach expecting bounce-back season for Grady

Grady is the only team that went winless last year in the PSAL City Championship division yet remained up at the highest level. There’s good reason for that, according to coach Andrew Jashyn. Comment.

Bombs away: Super-talented E-Hall is a contender again

than Samerson, a potential future star. Comment.

Close-knit Canarsie eyes bounce-back season

He led the JV to a 8-2 mark last fall, rushing for 353 yards and four touchdowns and racking up a team-high 61 tackles. Comment.

How <i>do</i> you ride a unicycle?

All things one-wheeled will be celebrated this weekend at the New York City Unicycle Festival. But how do you ride a unicycle, exactly? Festival organizer Keith Nelson shares some tips on how to tackle the mono-wheeled machine. Comment.

‘One’ love! Brooklyn Unicycle Day is this Friday

One isn’t the loneliest number. Comment.

L’Chaim! Do your (Jewish) holiday shopping on Lee Avenue in Williamsburg

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are only a week away. For the observant, that means feasting on sweet foods to help ensure a “sweet New Year” before fasting. Here in Brooklyn, you only needto go to one place to find all your Rosh Hashanah needs, from challah to kosher chicken to bottle of sweet wine — Lee Avenue. Comment.

Rockabilly Fest takes over the Boardwalk this weekend

From flame tattoos to fire eaters, the Coney Island Rockabilly Festival heats up the Boardwalk over this weekend. Comment.

It wouldn’t be Labor Day without the carnival

Scantily clad revelers and stilt-dancing moco jumbies return to the streets of Brooklyn this weekend for the annual West Indian Carnival Festival. Comment.

There’s a soca (fan) born every minute at the Brass Fest

Wave and wine all night long as Trinidadian soca sensation Machel Montano and other top Caribbean acts rile the crowd into a dancing frenzy at Brass Fest. Comment.

Brooklyn never tasted so good

Play with your food! Comment.

A bunch of clowns invade Williamsburg next week

They may be clowning around — but it’s still art. Comment.

Buttermilk Channel’s skirt steak is a heck of dish

Ordering the skirt steak at any ol’ eatery can yield a grab bag of results — a bland, heavily oiled or overcooked beef slab can leave you wishing you ordered something a little more exciting. But we’re proud to show off the one at Buttermilk Channel, which is not only the best thing we ate this week, but quite possibly the best skirt steak anywhere outside of Argentina. Comment.

Athena hits new heights

The first thing you’ll notice when you saunter in are the fabulous touches Spiro has added to the place, on the corner of 14th Street and Sixth Avenue, since he opened it in January 2009. For one thing, the tabletops are set to make a fabulous first impression: from the looks of things, one guesses that one is in for a four-star dining experience. Comment.

Hot food gossip — new bars, new eats, and, yes, some closures

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Brooklyn food-scene. Here’s the best of the borough’s openings, closings, some pretty big rumors and some crumbs, too. Comment.

Hot food gossip — including a new biergarten

Better rev up that appetite — it’s been a tasty few weeks in the county of Kings. Here’s the best of the borough’s openings, closings, and of course, restaurant rumors. Comment.

Mill Basin Prima Pasta: That’s Italian

In this crazy, fast-paced world, even something as unique as true love comes and goes. Comment.

In Verde veritas! New Smith St. Italian serves awesome tuna

Look, there are lots of restaurants on Smith Street — and many of them are great — but none of them served us a plate of seared sashimi-grade tuna over beans and herbs as good as Verde did last week. Comment.

Monday, Aug. 30, 2010

Bay News

A huge 10-0 win on the road

Cyclones 10 Comment.

Now these people know how to party

Punk rock and community activism came under one roof at a benefit concert at Glasslands on Kent Avenue last week to raise money for Neighbors Allied for Good Growth. Comment.
Mill–Marine Courier

Teen nabbed for burglary

A 15-year-old was nabbed on Aug. 20 after allegedly burglarizing a Marine Park home — one of six break-ins rattling an area already drowning under a deluge of home break-ins. Comment.
Mill–Marine Courier

Kings Plaza statutory rape

Kings Plaza rape Comment.
Kings Courier

Belt bruisers attack Coney Island Ave.

Early morning fiends Comment.

Bloody night on Rutland Road

Gunning for trouble Comment.

Canarsie delivery devils nabbed

Delivery devil Comment.

Church on the cheap! Just $3M gets you the whole complex

Call it God’s fixer-upper — and it’s a bargain. Comment.

What’s in a name?

Assembly hopeful Nicole Malliotakis is angling to appear on the new Taxpayer’s Party ballot line — without even knowing what the party stands for. Comment.

Beware of con men selling iPads!

iPad pinch Comment.
Bay News

One track mind? Asked about baseball, Rudy brings up 9-11

Nothing brings back the terrible memories of 9-11 like … a trip to MCU Park! Comment.
Bay News

Last night’s game rained out!

Renegades Comment.
Bay News

Kickball update: Rain didn’t slow down Brooklyn United

It was the worst weather for kickball in nearly five years, but that didn’t stop several powerhouses from punishing rivals in mud-slicked McCarren Park. Comment.

Hitting the ‘Streets’

Is this another example of high-lo cuisine smashing into itself? Of, course. The name of the restaurant is called “Streets” and we happened to obtain a preliminary menu. Comment.

UPDATE! Tonight’s canceled Kenny Vance show is rescheduled!

Tonight’s canceled Kenny Vance show has been rescheduled for Aug. 30. Comment.

“Neighborhood inspiration” killed

Cops, politicians and Jewish leaders in Midwood are offering nearly $20,000 to help find the masked gunman who murdered “neighborhood inspiration” Yosef Robinson — a Jamaican gangster-rapper who stripped away the trappings of his former life as a drug dealer to become an observant Jew. Comment.

Muslim youth center raising red flags

A new Muslim youth and community center planned for Coney Island Avenue has nearby residents who live behind the site worrying about the traffic impact, and how a new building that doesn’t look like anything nearby will affect the appearance of their block. Comment.

Rhoda: It’s my pension

Blame the lawyers! Comment.

It’s back-to-school time!

When your children head back to school next month, they’ll be in store for some big changes. New schools are opening, existing schools are expanding, and charter schools are on the rise. Comment.

Two of a kind: South Shore duo develop together with New Heights

At a distance, it seems like Terrence Samuel and Shamiek Sheppard have known each other for years. They finish each other’s sentences, spend virtually all their free time together off the court at Samuel’s Canarsie home, and often look for each other on the court during games. Comment.

Well-traveled Ortiz ‘not sure’ if he’s coming back to Lincoln

Chris Ortiz has been so many different places this summer, yet he still doesn’t know where he’ll end up for school next month. The 6-foot-7 forward says he is “not sure” whether or not he’ll return to Lincoln, the place he transferred to from Christ the King in December. Comment.

Thomas Jefferson star Grace commits to Manhattan College

After a solid summer, Davontay Grace could’ve waited for more offers to come along, possibly drag out his recruiting into the season. But the Thomas Jefferson standout didn’t need any more time. Comment.
Bay News

This hurts! Mounting injuries and mounting concerns at MCU

Might injuries end up doing what no team has been able to do — stop the juggernaut that is the Brooklyn Cyclones? Comment.

The Catskills then and now, Part II

In last’s week column, I mentioned my three-day weekend at Kutchers Country Club with my wife, Sharon, whom I met at the Concord 44 years ago, and her mother, who gave us the trip as my 75th birthday present. I forgot how long and tedious the ride to the Monticello area was and saw how much the town had changed. Comment.

Thumbs down to the Ground Zero mosque.

It’s a sad day for America,” says Mayor Mike. Not so and not now, but it was on Sept. 11, 2001. Building the mosque at Ground Zero will not heal the scars, it will only open old ones and cause them to fester forever. This isn’t a matter of religious freedom: no one argues that we are entitled to our beliefs; this is just an act of exceptional insensitivity, stupidity and chutzpah. Comment.

Mario’s the ‘Word’ as magician brings Keaton-eque approach

This is more than just kid’s stuff. Comment.

Welcome to ‘The Machine’! Pink Floyd cover band lands at Brooklyn Bowl

Joe Pascarell was just 12-years-old when he first heard Pink Floyd in 1973 — and the moment changed his life (and our lives) forever. Comment.

Fort Greener’s book follows Holocaust survivors in America

Brooklyn is Ghita Schwarz’s happy pill. Comment.

Grimm’s fairy tale? GOP candidate ‘too busy’ to debate rival

You would think Michael Grimm would have more courage under fire. Comment.
Bay News

City to Marty: Your concerts <i>are</i> too noisy!

Borough President Marko-itz’s concert series in Coney Island is in violation of a city noise law passed this summer — and opponents are calling on Mayor Bloomberg to honor his promise to shut down the controversial performances. Comment.
Bay News

Slump ends Ceciliani’s run at history

The dream of a .400 season is dead for slumping slugger Darrell Ceciliani. Comment.

Party like it’s 1910 at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden next week

If this is any indication, they certainly knew how to throw a party in 1910. Comment.

‘Watts’ up at the Bushwick Starr? Innovative comic Reggie Watts

It’s difficult to take your eyes off of Reggie Watts. Comment.

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