December, 2014

Crown Heights

A moving performance: Artist creates show about life with ALS

Art isn’t just imitating life. For this artist, her work is also a way to live. Comment.
Bay Ridge

Ridge theater company stages weighty musical ‘Parade’

Bay Ridge loves a parade, but this one is no celebratory romp down Third Avenue. Comment.

Shakespeare shack! Puppets and Poets fest brings burgers to life

Mmm, the land of hamburgers! Comment.

November, 2014


Bedford-Stuyvesant writer pens new play in under a month

Time is on his side, yes it is. Comment.
Brighton Beach

Poland sing! Famed Jewish theater company to perform in Brighton Beach

Get ready to see these actors make a scene! Comment.

October, 2014


Spend Halloween in the company of serial killers

Now these are some real monsters. Comment.
Park Slope

Loonie tunes! Musical shows Canadians can get mean, eh?

They are mad as heck, and if you don’t mind, they would prefer not to take it any more! Comment.

Gowanus play set in world overrun by flies

This play is generating a lot of buzz — literally. Comment.
Fort Greene

Multimedia opera probes Wikileaks and Chelsea Manning

Call it a covert ops-era. Comment.
Bay Ridge

Passion play: Mill Basinite writes musical about people who fly off the handle

It’s a chorus line of catharsis. Comment.
Brooklyn Heights

Roebling suite: Musical celebrates the Brooklyn Bridge

The play will explore the lives of both the Roebling family and the poet Hart Crane. Comment.
Coney Island

Play it again! Coney stalwart revives play about vindictive ventriloquist

Edison killed the vaudeville star — now the vaudeville star wants to kill Edison! Comment.

Reprise of the machines: W’burg play stars robot actor

That is right — a robot actor. Comment.

September, 2014

Red Hook

Drama on the high seas in Red Hook

A roving band of seafaring actors has embarked on a string of performances of its show “Hacked: The Treasure of the Empire” at Gowanus Bay Terminal — aboard a 98-feet-long tall ship. Comment.
Clinton Hill

Russian revolution! Performance art inspired by cosmonaut’s orbit

The space race continues — in Clinton Hill! Comment.
Park Slope

Park Slope play merges hip-hop and hallucination

It is a dance-topian future. Comment.
Fort Greene

Husband and wife share role of transgender woman in new opera

Opening minds is a two-person job. Comment.

August, 2014

Clinton Hill

Chekhov’s shun! Clinton Hill play has ‘poor door’ for cheap-ticket holders

At this immersive production of “Three Sisters,” those who pay 99¢ will have a very different experience from those who pay . Comment.

Three-day-long performance combines Emily Dickinson with disco music

Nothing says “19th-century poetry” like disco dancing and outer space. Comment.

They’re all gonna die! Comedians reproduce ‘Jaws’ from memory

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Williamsburg. Comment.
Coney Island

One-ring circus! Unicycles roll up to circle-themed show at Coney

There are no squares in this crowd. Comment.
Carroll Gardens

Carroll Gardens play pairs dinner party with ‘Macbeth’

When shall we three eat again? Comment.

Free sidewalk theater tour hits Coney and Sunset Park

All of Brooklyn’s a stage, but the men and women are not payers! Comment.

Theater in the round! Comedians pen pizza-themed plays

This event might sound cheesy, but the crowd eats it up! Comment.

July, 2014


Cirque du stroll-eil!

This sidewalk-inspired circus show is anything but pedestrian. Comment.
Park Slope

Parking is such sweet sorrow: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in a car park

Forget Shakespeare in the park — this is Shakespeare in the parking lot. Comment.

Shakespeare in the park shows around Brooklyn

The hills are alive with the sound of iambic pentameter. Comment.
Greenwood Heights

Playing dead! Green-Wood party pays tribute to long-gone theater

It was the party of the century — the 19th century. Comment.

Sit on it, Shakespeare! ‘Taming of the Shrew’ goes ‘Happy Days’

A 1950s-themed version of the Bard’s comedy comes to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comment.
Red Hook

Puppet show revives the heyday of New York’s working waterfront

This story comes with a few strings attached. Comment.

Level 10 bard: New show combines tabletop gaming with musical theater

Call it dungeons and dragons and duets. Comment.

June, 2014

Park Slope

Old Hickory, new look: ‘Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson’ rocks Washington Park

Who needs Shakespeare in the park when you can see a political rock musical in Park Slope? Comment.

I saw the Stein: Gertrude Stein play brings the weird to Williamsburg

This play is a tongue-twister and a mind-bender. Comment.

The return of the king: Yet another production of ‘King Lear’

The Year of Lear continues! Comment.

Ghost trains: Subway car performance tells tales of straphangers past

Subway drama never gets old. Comment.

April, 2014


Bushwick in bloom: Big Green Theater Fest grows

This festival is growing like a weed! Comment.
Boerum Hill

Robopera: Boerum Hill opera combines androids and arias

Bow down to your new robot opera-lords. Comment.

Caravan of carnage: W’burg play offers bloody, trippy take on the Donner Party

See the story of the ill-fated American pioneers live — and dead — on stage. Comment.

March, 2014


One-man show blends slapstick with social media

A new show at City Tech allows audience members to interact with a clown on a mission to find love via social media. Comment.
Fort Greene

Child’s play: Teen actors go pro in Fort Greene production

These kids are alright. Comment.
Clinton Hill

Play-to: Hit the books before seeing “Hoi Polloi’s Republic”

This Clinton Hill production has done an admirable job of adapting a 2,400-year-old, 300-page philosophical text to the stage. But it is not for Plato first-timers. Comment.

February, 2014

Park Slope

Cheap laughs: circus offers discount to customers in clown makeup

Amateur clowns will be laughing all the way to the bank at this circus show. Comment.

Circus smackdown: A tale of the tape

March is circus season in Brooklyn. Find the best show for your buck! Comment.

Bloody brilliant: Live horror show slays at W’burg theater

There will definitely be blood. Comment.
Park Slope

Art of darkness: Uncover art with a flashlight at Brooklyn Lyceum

At experimental art show, the audience holds the spotlight. Comments (1).
Fort Greene

That’s edutainment! Two Fort Greene musicals celebrate Black History Month

Freedom sings in Fort Greene. Comments (1).
Fort Greene

String theories: Puppet show performs stories by people with dementia

This puppet show is no child’s play. Comment.

Find a doomsday date at this post-apocalyptic dating show

Just because civilazation has broken down, it doesn’t mean your love life has to! Comment.

January, 2014

Fort Greene

Maestro of puppets: Mexican marionette show reinvents ‘Sleeping Beauty’

A theater company that uses puppets on strings to pull at families’ heart strings is putting on a modern-day version of “Sleeping Beauty.” Comment.

Upping the Ante-bellum: New show puts the audience into old New Orleans

It is “Sleep No More” with a Southern spin. Comment.
Fort Greene

Battle of the kings: Neighboring Fort Greene theaters both stage ‘King Lear’

Neighbors BAM and Theater for a New Audience are both staging “King Lear” this season. Let the battle begin! Comment.
Fort Greene

Graphic scenes: Art Spiegelman puts graphic novels on center stage

It is comics as you have never read them before — live on stage! Comment.
Cobble Hill

Out of Africa: Filmmaker revisits his trip to Angola in live performance

It is a long way from here to Angola. And, apparently, it takes even longer to make a film about going there. Comment.

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