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Results 271–300 of 1904.

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Thursday, May 12 (See map view)

Rupert Everett plays Oscar Wilde at two pivotal moments, one before and one after the acclaimed writer was convicted for sodomy. 7:30 pm.

A multimedia performance about two young Africans now living in New York City, who reveal their past regrets and current pains. Suitable for all ages. 7:30 pm.

A zoned-out suicide prevention hotline operator and accidental pet detective tries to locate a missing cat in this experimental, meta-theatrical comedy. 7:30 pm.

In Basic DIY Flower Arranging Workshop, you’ll learn to to create your own flower arrangement in a mason jar. We will cover how to prep your flowers for arranging, the design process, and helpful DIY tips for the care and longevity of your creation. Ticket includes all materials and two drinks. 7:30 pm.

Once incarcerated and limited to a ballpoint pen to draw, artist Guy Woodward now exhibits his talent exploring photorealism with the simple medium. 8–11 pm.

A free outdoor screening of the classic comedy-musical starring John Belushi, Dan Akyroyd, and every R&B star worth seeing. 8 pm.

The Gallery Players performs the vibrant musical about the changing cultural landscape of Washington Heights in Manhattan. 8 pm.

This ghost story about inheritance starts at Pier 11 in Manhattan, then travels by ferry to Red Hook’s Waterfront Museum Barge. 8 pm.

Opera on Tap throws out the rules for a show where sopranos singing bass arias, classical singers perform country tunes, and baroque arias are done in the style of Beyonce. 9 pm.

Brooklyn Theater Club presents William Finn’s musical about dealing with a terminal illness. Each show recruits audience members for small speaking parts and roles in the chorus! 9 pm.

Friday, May 13 (See map view)

A beautiful, huge crystal nautilus shell with 30 grand luminescent fish, takes riders on an aquatic journey. 10 am to 10 pm.

The exhibit feature ancient, rarely seen fossils, and life-like models, including a 23-foot-long feathered tyrannosaur (Yutyrannus huali) and a small four-winged dromeosaur (Anchiornis huxleyi) with a 22-inch wingspan and vivid, patterned plumage. Visitors will encounter a tiny dinosaur whose sleeping posture precisely echoes that of a living bird, an extinct-dinosaur nest containing remains of the adult that guarded the hatchlings, and the fossil cast of a relative of Triceratops that had simple feathers on its body. 10 am to 4 pm.

The Milstein Science Series presents this exhibit that takes visitors on a deep dive into Antarctic waters to explore a hidden world beneath the ice. Once thought to be low in species diversity, the Antarctic is now known to be home to a rich variety of life. This immersive dome experience showcases a surprising and visually stunning array of marine life that flourishes on, around, and underneath the Antarctic ice. 10 am to 4 pm.

Now in its 45th year, Learning Through Art (LTA), presents the annual exhibition organized by the Sackler Center for Arts Education that showcases select artworks by students in grades two through six from twelve public schools who participated in LTA during the 2015–16 school year, representing each of New York City’s five boroughs. 10 am to 5:45 pm.

Did in and get your hands dirty, investigate and classify plants, learn how a carnivorous plant eats, and explore the meadow. 10:15 am.

This exhibit explores the legacy and continued use of power and politically engaged art, through more than 50 contemporary projects and artwork from five moments of historical urgency, in mediums ranging from photography, film, banners, songs, to web platforms. 11 am–6 pm.

The cast of the largest dinosaur that ever walked the earth is now on exhibit. The 122-foot long dino is residing on the fourth floor. This giant herbivor belongs to a group known as titanosaurs, and weighed about 70 tons. 11 am to 5 pm.

The Brooklyn Museum’s new exhibition "This Place" explores the complexity of Israel and the West Bank, as place and metaphor, through the eyes of twelve internationally acclaimed photographers. 11 am–6 pm.

This exhibit connects work from 25 contemporary artists with historical African masquerade. 11 am–6 pm.

Brooklyn Historical Society’s exhibition tells the story of the creation of the Brooklyn sewer system through a historical look at four corners of Kings County: Flatlands, Bushwick, Coney Island, and Fort Greene. Noon–5 pm.

An amazing line-up of Louisiana musicians in three days of music, dance, workshops, community jam sessions, and food. Noon.

An exhibition of unique C-prints by Rey Parlá, whose work combines kinetic painting with photographic techniques. Noon–5 pm.

Alliance members take children on a bird watch, a nature trail hike and meet with Snappy the Turtle. Noon–4 pm.

A solo exhibition of new paintings by Amy Hill, of urban children decorated by logos, tattoos, piercings, drugs and digital media. 1–6pm.

Fences & Neighbors is a mixed media installation exploring the U.S.-Mexico border crisis. 1–6 pm.

A self-performing theater piece that uses cloth figures, hula hoops, and copper pipes to tell a story about Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein. 1–6pm.

Clubs that focus on the areas of NYC Parks, arts, environmental science and sports that are tailored to the interests and talents of 6th - 8th graders. 3 pm and 6 pm.

District 22 presents students with science projects. 3:30 pm to 5 pm.

An exhibit of miniature scenes. We just hope it includes a selection of Star Wars action figures. 6–9 pm.

Artists Deth P. Sun and Gemma Correll display their adorable cat and dog drawings, resectively. 7–9 pm.

Results 271–300 of 1904.

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