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Monday, March 9 (See map view)

Listen to the wit, wisdom, and humor of traditional folk tales and learn how the turtle got its shell, and three more African fables woven into an interactive shadow puppet adventure of little Kjana and her animal friends. Presented by the Shadow Box Theatre. 10:30 am.

The exhibition features a multimedia, site-specific installation created by Brooklyn artist Chitra Ganesh, continuing her exploration of iconic female characters, such as goddesses and female superheroes, and how they connect to contemporary feminist ideas and imagery. 11 am–6 pm.

A retrospective of the artist’s work. 11 am–6 pm.

Artist Sandra Rocha debuts her solo exhibition "The Birthday Party," a collection of paintings depicting women at birthday parties, while commenting on age and femininity. 11 am–7 pm.

William Villalongo’s "Color Conversion: Selected Works" is an exhibition of mixed-media prints and paintings that explore the relationship between history and myth. 11 am–5 pm.

In this 3D movie, travel to the Galapagos archipelago to meet giant half-ton tortoises and marine iguanas that spit sea-salt from their noses, hunt fishes with the colorful blue-footed boobies, and swim with tiny penguins. 11 am & 2 pm.

A retrospective of the artist’s work. 11 am–6 pm.

A group exhibition inspired by the book of the same title by Desiderious Erasmus, focusing on works by artists who challenge our belief system and dogma in a satirical, humorous, and witty way. Artists include Pavel Acosta, Hong Seon Jang, Marc Oosting, Lior Shvil, and Ghost of a Dream. Noon–5 pm.

Get creative with a variety of Jewish themed crafts to choose from! Noon–5 pm.

Instructions, fitness, homework help and lots more. Requirements - students in grades first through 8th must live in Brooklyn or go to school in Brooklyn, be eligible for free/reduced lunch program. Preregistration required. 4–6:30 pm.

Beginning instruction in vocabulary and structure of the English language. Students will learn basic skills necessary for reading, writing, and communicating in English. 6–9 pm.

Instruction in basic technology and workplace skills such as word processing, Excel, e-mail, internet search techniques, and resume-building. 6–9 pm.

Instruction in vocabulary and structure of the English language. Students will develop basic proficiency in English with a focus on improving written and oral 6:15–9:15 pm.

Intermediate instruction in English language conversation, reading, and writing. Students continue to develop fluency in English with a focus on learning more complex vocabulary and grammar. 6:15–9:15 pm.

A bi-weekly pub quiz featuring five rounds of New York City-inspired questions and a $35 bar tab prize. Hosted by Casey de Pont and Meredith Heil. 8 pm.

Iranian comedian Mehran Khaghani hosts a weekly comedy show, with celebrity and comedian guests joining him on stage. 9 pm.

Tuesday, March 10 (See map view)

NESH: Mind, Body, Soul launches their yoga classes, open to participants of all levels. 7 am, 8:30 am, 10 am.

Fruits and vegetables, plants and flowers, grass-fed meat, fish, free-range eggs, and grass-fed dairy products. 8 am–6 pm.

The Museum of Science Fiction, the world’s first science fiction museum, will showcase the winners and runners-up of its Architectural Design Competition. 9 am–9 pm.

Fourteen Brooklyn artists exhibit their interpretations of the Christian tradition of the Stations of the Cross. 9 am–4 pm.

Children are encouraged to explore science through slides, seesaws, climbing webs, a water play area, sand boxes, and more, weather permitting. 9:30 am–5 pm.

Morning consists of 60 minutes of instructor led skating, ice skate rentals and helmet rental plus snacks. Children 2 to 5 years old with a caregiver. 9:30 am– noon.

New York Transit Museum hosts an exhibition celebrating the Verrazano Bridge’s 50th anniversary. Attractions include a timeline of the bridge’s construction, documentation and first-person perspectives of the construction, and notes and sketches from Robert Moses’ office. 10 am–4 pm.

With varied mediums, "Mapping Brooklyn" aims to juxtapose the work of contemporary artists working with historic maps, with examples of maps themselves, taking a deeper look at ties between practical matters and the metaphorical, psychological, and personal. 10 am–8 pm.

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum explores transportation with "From Here to There," consisting of twelve interactive exhibits, helping kids explore transportation by land, sea, and air, and the mechanics that go into it. 10 am–5 pm.

This innovative exhibit teaches the science of how things move by land, sea and air. Visitors can heat up and launch a hot air balloon, operate an authentic canal lock system to move a boat and experiment with pneumatics, pulleys, hydraulics, and levers to move objects mechanically. 10 am–5 pm.

Results 331–360 of 3466.

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