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Thursday, Feb. 11 (See map view)

Photographers discuss their experience documenting Israel and the West Bank for the exhibit "This Place." 7 pm.

Three experts discuss the life and legacy of the Karen Blixen, also known as Isak Dinesen, the author of "Out of Africa." 7 pm.

In light of Brooklyn quickly becoming the epicenter of creative drink-making, historic gastronomist Sarah Lohman leads a panel discussing the stories of Brooklyn bartenders past and present. 7 pm.

An Indigo Girls tribute concert benefitting Planned Parenthood. With Naomi Less and Shanna Zell. 7:30 pm.

Mr. Grillo the Education Director at the Van Cortlandt House Museum in the Bronx, has been appearing as Washington for over sixteen years at historic sites and events. The discussion of the Battle of Brooklyn in August 1776, his victorious return to New York in November 1783, his inauguration there in 1789 and his visit to New Utrecht in April 1790, when he had lunch at Barre’s Tavern 84th St & 16th Ave., and greeted students from the village school nearby. President Washington will have an escort of two Revolutionary War re-enactors in the uniform of a NYS militia unit, one of whom will give a brief talk about the life and equipment of a Revolutionary War soldier. A Q & A session with the audience will follow the presentation. 7:30 pm.

A data-driven comedy show determined to solve the world’s issues one serious matter at a time. Hosted by Kevin McCaffrey and featuring Josiah Madigan, Brock Mahan, and special guests. This month: A conversation on the topic of conflict resolution. 8 pm.

Set in the famous Hotel Harare in Zimbabwe, Daaimah Mubashshir’s new play infuses physical theatre and music into a slightly-absurdist narrative in which the daughter of a wealthy family suddenly forces the family into new and dangerous territory. 8 pm.

Comedians act out short porn scripts written in response to Craigslist ad. 8 pm.

Once incarcerated and limited to a ballpoint pen to draw, artist Guy Woodward now exhibits his talent exploring photorealism with the simple medium. 8–11 pm.

The week-long festival of experimental dance and choreography presents three performances each night. 8 pm.

The Gallery Players present the family musical based on the fantastical books of Dr. Seuss. Before each matinee, children are welcome to a behind-the-scenes "Theatre Thinks" talk. 8 pm.

This entertainment smorgasborg features comedians, musicians, kombucha cocktails, and a performance of "Destiny and the Little Man," about a battle of wits between Napoleon and a mysterious woman. 8 pm.

The comic ("Conan," “John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show”) performs. 10 pm.

Friday, Feb. 12 (See map view)

From hair braiding to Black Lives Matter to President Obama on Horseback to cleaning greens— 15 artists have activated interior and exterior spaces with 15 window murals and art installations.

The Center is accepting applications for children who will be three years of age by December 31, 2015. The program, which blends academic, physical, and emotional development, is tailored to individual needs and conducted through hands-on activities, taking advantage of the ways in which children learn best. 5 am–midnight.

Zip through tunnels, see familiar skyscrapers; and visit subway stops by viewing model trains. The layout Lionel Metro-North, New York Central and subway trains along with a miniature replica of Grand Central Terminal is a great way to spend the holidays. 8 am to 8 pm.

A beautiful, huge crystal nautilus shell with 30 grand luminescent fish, takes riders on an aquatic journey. 10 am to 10 pm.

A beautifully crafted production on Black History. The show is centered on a young girl named Khadijah, who is sent to attend the local performing arts school but doesn’t see how dance or music is significant in life. Khadijah feels this way until she meets Yowza, a mysterious and magical being who takes her and friend Naomi on a journey through history to discover the ancestral rhythm of a people, which eventually leads right back to her own creativity and gifts. Purelements 10 am, noon and 7;30 pm.

The Brooklyn Museum’s new exhibition "This Place" explores the complexity of Israel and the West Bank, as place and metaphor, through the eyes of twelve internationally acclaimed photographers. 11 am–6 pm.

Pop-up shop selling jewelry, clothes, purses, and other pieces. 11 am–4 am.

The exhibit, first of its kind, explores the historic destination’s beginnings as a watering hole for the wealthy, its transformation into a popular beach resort, its decades of urban decline culminating in the closing of Astroland, and its recent revival as a vibrant and growing community. 11 am–6 pm.

This exhibit explores the legacy and continued use of power and politically engaged art, through more than 50 contemporary projects and artwork from five moments of historical urgency, in mediums ranging from photography, film, banners, songs, to web platforms. 11 am–6 pm.

The cast of the largest dinosaur that ever walked the earth is now on exhibit. The 122-foot long dino is residing on the fourth floor. This giant herbivor belongs to a group known as titanosaurs, and weighed about 70 tons. 11 am to 5 pm.

BHS’s photography and correspondence collection reveals the personal stories of Brooklyn soldiers and their families during the American Civil War, uncovering tales that are often moving, light-hearted, and tragic at the same time. Noon– 5 pm.

Two exhibits: "Roil" is a video projection that evokes the building’s history as a steam plant. “White Shoes” is a photo exhibit of spaces in New York City that are associated with slavery. Noon–6 pm.

Brooklyn Historical Society’s exhibition tells the story of the creation of the Brooklyn sewer system through a historical look at four corners of Kings County: Flatlands, Bushwick, Coney Island, and Fort Greene. Noon–5 pm.

Free relaxation and meditation class for seniors. 2 pm.

Clubs that focus on the areas of NYC Parks, arts, environmental science and sports that are tailored to the interests and talents of 6th - 8th graders. 3 pm and 6 pm.

This panel will discuss the collective power of radical artistic communities. Artists will share their “entry points” and define “radical” as black practitioners and art makers. Moderated by Erica Cardwell with Panelists Jamal T. Lewis & Janisha R. Gabriel. 7–9 pm.

Lena Marquise and Caspar Petéus showcase a body of work based on phrases taken from films, painted onto 20 canvases. A dance party with DJ Johnny Scuotto starts at 9 pm. 7–11 pm.

Results 61–90 of 2027.

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