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Thursday, June 4 (See map view)

Through the magic of patterns found in nature and hands-on activities featuring objects from BCM’s 29,000 cultural and natural science collection, the exhibit promotes concepts of math and science through hands-on learning experiences. 10 am–5 pm.

An exhibit of nine works on canvas by Tobin Eason, influenced by the dance and performing arts scene in New York City. 10 am–9 pm.

New York Transit Museum hosts an exhibition celebrating the Verrazano Bridge’s 50th anniversary. Attractions include a timeline of the bridge’s construction, documentation and first-person perspectives of the construction, and notes and sketches from Robert Moses’ office. 10 am–4 pm.

The new exhibit teaches the relevance of patterns. hands on activities. 10 am–5 pm.

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum explores transportation with "From Here to There," consisting of twelve interactive exhibits, helping kids explore transportation by land, sea, and air, and the mechanics that go into it. 10 am–5 pm.

Week-long celebration of Greek culture, with homemade food and pastries, dancing, music, and more. 11 am–9 pm.

Brooklyn-born artist Jean-Michel Basquiat filled notebooks with writing and sketches ranging from street life to themes of race, class, and world history. "Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks" features 160 pages of these documents. 11 am –10 pm.

Free Tai-Chi class for seniors. 11 am.

School is almost out but hardworking students can still reap the benefits of those A’s and B’s in class. 11 am–12 am.

The exhibition features a multimedia, site-specific installation created by Brooklyn artist Chitra Ganesh, continuing her exploration of iconic female characters, such as goddesses and female superheroes, and how they connect to contemporary feminist ideas and imagery. 11 am–6 pm.

"Ignis Fatuus" is a canvas exhibition by Darina Karpov, inspired by the phosphorescent light of the same name. Seen by travelers at night, especially over swamps or marshes, Ignis Fatuus said to recede if approached, drawing travelers away from the safe path. 11 am–6 pm.

A site-specific installation inspired by the Hindu goddess Kali. 11 am–10 pm.

For those 60 and older. 11 am.

In this 3D movie, travel to the Galapagos archipelago to meet giant half-ton tortoises and marine iguanas that spit sea-salt from their noses, hunt fishes with the colorful blue-footed boobies, and swim with tiny penguins. 11 am & 2 pm.

It’s that time of year again- the Library is hosting its kick off to the annual event that keeps kids reading even when school is out. 11:15 am – 3:30 pm.

Travel to faraway places in your imagination by listening to stories. 11:30 am and 2:30 pm.

Get creative with a variety of Jewish themed crafts to choose from! Noon–5 pm.

Alexandria Smith’s exhibit captures a fluxus moment in the narrative of SHE, a fictitious character of the artist’s creation. SHE is stuck between two worlds, reality and the sublime as she tries to find her place in a world of hope and despair. Noon–6 pm.

Join the Prospect Park Alliance for nature education programs at the Prospect Park Audubon Center, the first urban Audubon Center in the nation. Noon–4 pm.

For those 60 and older. Noon–1 pm.

Marcia Neblett explores hybrid forms in her drawings and prints, with a series of large and small drawings and prints combines a child-like sense of the whimsical with adult-like fantasies, focusing on the duality of the human mind. Noon–6 pm.

Kathleen Schneider’s "past/PRESENT" refers to two distinct sets of sculptures, an assemblage of object “doubles” including a pair of stone pillows impressed with hands and a set of humanoid pitchers Noon–6 pm.

An exhibition telling the stories of 20 of Green-Wood’s permanent residents who contributed to the war effort, featuring photographs, letters, swords, stereo views, and other historic objects. Noon–6 pm.

Part of the 21st annual BAM R&B Music festival, which features a roster of both well-known and emerging musicians of R&B and world music. Noon.

The exhibit will showcase photographs, letters, swords, stereo views, and other historic objects from Green-Wood’s collections from the cemetery’s Civil War residents. Noon–6 pm.

BHS’s photography and correspondence collection reveals the personal stories of Brooklyn soldiers and their families during the American Civil War, uncovering tales that are often moving, light-hearted, and tragic at the same time. Noon– 5 pm.

Alt Space’s inaugural exhibition, featuring new paintings and a floor-to-ceiling installation of works from artist Brian Leo. Noon–7 pm.

Celebrate the creative works of artistic giant Otto Neals with a retrospective exhibition housing over seven decades of works in five mediums created by painter, sculptor, and printmaker Neals, curated by Dr. Myrah Brown Green. 1–5 pm.

JASA Luna Park Senior Center holds computer classes for seniors, open to those of all levels. 1–2 pm.

An inclusive place where children of all abilities can engage with peers and explore their senses. 2 pm to 4:45 pm.

Results 61–90 of 3756.

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