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Wednesday, May 6 (See map view)

Jason Little ("Shutterbug Follies," “Motel Art Improvement Service”) animates the story of a severely alcoholic homeless man whose misfortunes pile up at an alarming rate. 7 pm.

Saturday, May 9 (See map view)

The Greenpoint Writers Group returns with the latest installment of the Local Organic reading series, featuring all new work and free wine to go around. 6:30 pm.

Monday, May 11 (See map view)

Jessica Hopper, music writer and critic, releases "The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic," a collection of work from more than two decades in the front row. 7 pm.

Tuesday, May 12 (See map view)

Animator and artist Sydney Padua presents her new graphic novel, "The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage," a collection which imagines an alternate timeline in which Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage use their computer brilliance to fight crime. 7 pm.

Wednesday, May 13 (See map view)

Victoriana scholar Deborah Lutz presents "The Bronte Cabinet: Three Lives in Nine Objects," which examines a series of artifacts from the Haworth parsonage where Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte lived most of their lives and wrote their novels. 7 pm.

Thursday, May 14 (See map view)

Nathan Larson releases "The Immune System," the third installment of his Dewey Decimal crime-fiction series, along with fellow Akashic author Stacy Wakefield and her new novel, “The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory.” 7 pm.

Friday, May 15 (See map view)

Sean H. Doyle launches his debut collection, "This Must Be the Place," with D. Foy (“Made to Break”), Natalie Eilbert (“Swan Feast), and Jordan Ginsberg (“Hazlitt”). 7 pm.

Tuesday, May 19 (See map view)

Andrew Knapp and his four-legged co-author, Momo, share photos and stories from their latest “where’s Momo" photo collection, "Find Momo Coast to Coast,” the followup to “Find Momo.” 7 pm.

Wednesday, May 20 (See map view)

Patricia Park launches "Re Jane," a recast of Jane Eyre set in present-day Queens with Lisa Lutz and her new novel, “How to Start a Fire,” a story of three friends since college and the secrets that bind them. 7 pm.

Thursday, May 21 (See map view)

Karim Dimechkie presents his first novel, "Lifted by the Great Nothing," a coming-of-age story about a Lebanese-American young man who discovers he’s been living a lie. 7 pm.

Tuesday, May 26 (See map view)

Sarah Tomlinson ("Good Girl") and Melissa Cistaro (“Pieces of My Mother”) reflect on parents and growing up in their new memoirs. 7 pm.

Sunday, May 31 (See map view)

Jennifer Armstrong is the co-founder and editor of the website Sexy Feminist, and co-author of the nonfiction book "Sexy Feminism." 2 pm.

Results 1–12 of 12.

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