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Sunday, April 19 (See map view)

Fresh and Mexican specialty produce. 8 am–3 pm.

Regionally-grown produce,cheese, and grass-fed beef. 8 am–3 pm.

Golfers of all ages can learn about key science concepts such as propulsion, gravity, escape velocity, launch window, gravitational assist, and more! 10 am–6 pm.

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum explores transportation with "From Here to There," consisting of twelve interactive exhibits, helping kids explore transportation by land, sea, and air, and the mechanics that go into it. 10 am–5 pm.

Children are encouraged to explore science through slides, seesaws, climbing webs, a water play area, sand boxes, and more, weather permitting. 10 am–6 pm.

With varied mediums, "Mapping Brooklyn" aims to juxtapose the work of contemporary artists working with historic maps, with examples of maps themselves, taking a deeper look at ties between practical matters and the metaphorical, psychological, and personal. 10 am–8 pm.

New designers come in each weekend. 10 am–7 pm.

Art, clothes, jewelry, food, and more. 10 am–7 pm.

This innovative exhibit teaches the science of how things move by land, sea and air. Visitors can heat up and launch a hot air balloon, operate an authentic canal lock system to move a boat and experiment with pneumatics, pulleys, hydraulics, and levers to move objects mechanically. 10 am–5 pm.

Fiftieth anniversary of the Landmarks Law, which resulted in the Wyckoff House becoming New York City’s first landmarked structure. Visitors are invited to an open house, an architecture tour, and a talk on Brooklyn’s 400 years of transformation. 10:30 am–4 pm.

Geared to younger children, this interactive performance takes children on a sensory tour through the four seasons. Viewers are invited to run through rain and falling leaves, watch stars glow overhead, sleep on a blanket of snow and chase butterflies around a flowering tree as they wait for spring and wait for Birdy to hatch from his egg. For children 2 to 5 years old. 10:30 am, 1:30 pm and 3 pm.

The workshops are designed to help families explore nature through play, activities include nature inspired arts and crafts, insect observation, playing with snow and more. Children receive a nature play activity guide to the park. Each workshop is led by a trained teen discovery guide. 10:30 am–12:30 pm.

Explore New York City’s oldest house with the whole family and enjoy hands-on learning, colonial crafts, and a scavenger hunt. Learn about how 13 people lived in a one-room house over 350 years ago! 10:30 am – noon.

Brooklyn-born artist Jean-Michel Basquiat filled numerous notebooks with poetry fragments, wordplay, sketches, and personal observations ranging from street life and popular culture to themes of race, class, and world history. The first major exhibition of the artist’s notebooks, Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks features 160 pages of these rarely seen documents, along with related works on paper and large-scale paintings. 11 am–6 pm.

A retrospective of the artist’s work. 11 am–6 pm.

Get inspired by nature with ready-to-go kits filled with nature activities for families. Play Habitat Bingo, search for birds and design a home for one of the Park’s many living things. 11 am–4 pm.

Explore the aquatic habitats and learn about birds and other animals that make their home near water, and add to the “nest” we are weaving with natural materials. 11 am–4 pm.

Learn about the natural history of the park. Recommended for children 5 years and older. 11 am–4 pm.

Help uncover the secrets of soil creatures, fungus and decomposition. 11 am–4 pm.

A retrospective of the artist’s work. 11 am–6 pm.

The exhibition features large-scale paintings, made between 2013 and 2015, which reflect the complexity of Lee’s process and composition; they are visually complex, almost three-dimensional, dynamic abstractions. 11 am–6 pm.

The exhibition features a multimedia, site-specific installation created by Brooklyn artist Chitra Ganesh, continuing her exploration of iconic female characters, such as goddesses and female superheroes, and how they connect to contemporary feminist ideas and imagery. 11 am–6 pm.

Children are invited to imagine and create new worlds and explore the museum. 11 am.

Artist Sandra Rocha debuts her solo exhibition "The Birthday Party," a collection of paintings depicting women at birthday parties, while commenting on age and femininity. 11 am–7 pm.

A site-specific installation inspired by the Hindu goddess Kali. 11 am–6 pm.

The first museum survey of Brooklyn artist Kehinde Wiley’s prolific career. 11 am–6 pm.

New York Transit Museum hosts an exhibition celebrating the Verrazano Bridge’s 50th anniversary. Attractions include a timeline of the bridge’s construction, documentation and first-person perspectives of the construction, and notes and sketches from Robert Moses’ office. 11 am–5 pm.

The first museum survey of artist Kehinde Wiley’s prolific career. 11 am–6 pm.

Walk for Kids Growth, New York and help increase awareness of childhood growth disorders, early diagnosis, and treatment! Walk for Kids Growth is on Sun., April 19 at Flushing Meadows Park (*at Fountain of the Planets), in Queens, NY. 11:00am.

Results 1–30 of 3612.

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