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April, 2014

A Britisher’s View

Twit Mel tweets for terrorist

Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito should be impeached for her betrayal of the city she is elected to protect, our columnist says. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Malevolent mullahs must be cracking up over WTC security breach

Our sworn enemies are having a field day over America’s diminishing respect for the memories of 9-11 victims, writes our columnist. Comment.

March, 2014

A Britisher’s View

Bill’s blahs after three months on the job

Hizzoner’s job-approval rating is dismal and ideology has claimed his common sense, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Message to Vladimir Putin: Nyet to a return of the Soviet Union

Russian President Vladimir Putin longs for a return to the Soviet heyday, but the dead exmpire’s former states are hotbeds of calamity, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Brooklyn won’t be the same without Ed Eisenberg

Late Manhattan Beach activist Ed Eisenberg was one-of-a-kind, and you can bet your bottom dollar that he is already making his mark in assorted civic groups in the sky, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Shavana reacts to Spike’s tirade

Fading moviemaker Spike Lee’s potty-mouthed tirade against gentrification is one more example of his failing street cred, writes our columnist. Comment.

February, 2014

A Britisher’s View

Israel boycotters are squawking up a storm, but let’s see them take on a real rogue regime

Israel boycotters are all squawk and no chutzpah, claims our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

‘A Tale of Two Cities’ has DeB-n-bish cooking cronyism in a petri dish

Mayor DeBlasio abused his office when he made a phone call to an NYPD boss that helped to spring his pal from prison, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Perv loos and other poops at the Olympics immortalize Sochi as the no-go destination of the world

President Vladimir Putin wanted to show one and all that, as host of the Sochi Olympics, Russia was still a super power. But his public relations’ blunders — complete with spy cams, loos with a view, and icky water — have flushed those hopes down the toilet, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Grimm times for ‘Mikey Suits’

Rep. Michael Grimm is in good company, when it comes to blowing a potty-mouthed gasket, writes our columnist. Comment.

January, 2014

A Britisher’s View

Councilman Menchaca’s ‘illegals’ gig champions the lawless over the lawful

The new head of the City Council’s Immigration Committee has vowed to push for municipal IDs for illegal immigrants — a bad move, according to our columnist. Comments (2).
A Britisher’s View

Human rights a game-changer at this year’s Olympics

Vladimir Putin’s human rights abuses and the threat of a terror attack put a dampener on the world’s greatest sporting spectacle, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito put a terrorist ahead of Americans

New Yorkers do not need a migraine in the form of a new City Council speaker with a troubling past as an unrepentent apologist for terror-mongers, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Tacky guest speakers trashed Mayor DeBlasio’s inauguration day

Mayor DeBlasio’s induction at City Hall was ruined by gauche guest speakers who demonstrated their commitment to uncivil rights, says our columnist. Comments (5).
A Britisher’s View

Bill’s DeBlah over Kings Plaza flash mob

Why did the new mayor ignore the melee at Kings Plaza Shopping Center that scared and intimidated shoppers on the eve of his watch? Our columnist wants to know. Comments (6).

December, 2013

A Britisher’s View

NYPD cuffs reporters in police blotter blackout

Police blotters are among the top reads of this paper, but a recent NYPD decree obstructed reporters from accessing victim complaints at Brooklyn stationhouses. That means readers won’t get all the facts about lawless activity in their communities, making the directive a crime against community, writes our columnist. Comment.

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