A Britisher’s View

January, 2015

A Britisher’s View

ID-card program imperils New Yorkers

The easy-to-get official identification cards could make it easier for radical Muslims to plot — and pull off — their next attack. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Paris terror attacks assault us all

The Paris terror spree was an attack on every single person who values life and liberty, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Toss swindling Michael Grimm in jail — and throw away the key

Induct disgraced ex-congressman Michael Grimm into Brooklyn’s political Hall of Shame for being a garden-variety crooked pol, writes our columnist. Comments (2).
A Britisher’s View

Drum roll, please! Mayor Duh-Blasio is ‘Oaf-icial of 2014’

Our columnist counts the ways how so much went so wrong — so fast — for the self-professed champion of the people. Comments (4).

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