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March, 2015

A Britisher’s View

HIllary Clinton lied in Canarsie

Possible presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton once worked a rope line in Canarsie — but looped around the truth — writes our columnist, who was there to document the fib. Comments (2).
A Britisher’s View

United States citizens shouldn’t be so paranoid about patriotism

National identity is responsible for U.S. successes, but Americans want their patriotism to disappear at a time when they need it the most, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Iranian nuke deal legitimizes a top global menace

Iran is a top state sponsor of terrorism, and its nuked-up Islamic republic could destroy the free world, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Terror grows in Brooklyn

When will the terrorists come to Mill Basin? Last week’s news proves it may be sooner than you think. Comment.

February, 2015

A Britisher’s View

Terror summit an Islamic shindig

The three-day “terror” summit boosted Muslims to high heaven, but kicked Christians and Jews to the curb, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

President Obama loves the word ‘limited’ almost as much as playing golf and making goofy faces

The commander-in-chief has a message for our adversaries — we’ll go easy on you — and his request to Congress for authorized military force tells Islamo-nuts what we will and won’t do to defeat them, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

‘Moderate’ allies are radicals

The Islamic State terrorizes, tortures, and kills people indiscriminately — but so do some moderate Muslim regimes, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Bam’s political insanity

The leader of the free world is in the late stages of political dementia, judging from his loony policies, writes our columnist. Comment.

January, 2015

A Britisher’s View

Get real! Muslim ‘no-go zones’ are Europe’s sordid big secret

French and British leaders went bananas after Fox News mentioned Europe’s “no-go zones,” but the media has reported on these self-segregated mini-caliphates for decades, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

ID-card program imperils New Yorkers

The easy-to-get official identification cards could make it easier for radical Muslims to plot — and pull off — their next attack. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Paris terror attacks assault us all

The Paris terror spree was an attack on every single person who values life and liberty, writes our columnist. Comment.
A Britisher’s View

Toss swindling Michael Grimm in jail — and throw away the key

Induct disgraced ex-congressman Michael Grimm into Brooklyn’s political Hall of Shame for being a garden-variety crooked pol, writes our columnist. Comments (2).
A Britisher’s View

Drum roll, please! Mayor Duh-Blasio is ‘Oaf-icial of 2014’

Our columnist counts the ways how so much went so wrong — so fast — for the self-professed champion of the people. Comments (4).

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